Comparison a sin?

This morning started early with the arrival of our worldly belongings in a POD.  My reduced memorabilia, my reduced belongings, furniture and odds and ends all fit in a small space.  I could no longer think I was just visiting as my belongings arrived. I grieved the change.  As we continue in James, he reminds us that if we keep the “royal law in scripture” to love our neighbor as ourselves, we do well BUT if we break it in just one aspect, we are essentially lawbreakers.  Christians  call it “sinners.”  Just because I go to church does not cover up my glaring sin of covetousness,  wanting to have my house all outfitted like my neighbors who have been here for a while.  We have been welcomed into several homes with friends from the past with whom we traveled in Kenya and whose kids went to school with our kids but who also have been here several years and are not in transition.  Comparisonitis is my Achilles heel so James’ reading today hits me between the eyes. Chapter 2: 12 admonishes us to “speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom…”  The arrival of the POD confirmed the truth that I am starting a new chapter with new neighbors and new challenges.  In reality, each day is a new chapter in our lives.  As forgiven and forgiving people, each day we start with a clean slate with the “royal law” to love our neighbor as ourselves to guide us.  I pray as you journey,  God’s love with help you forgive that which needs to be forgiven and focus on that which needs to be remembered.  Blessings.

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