Inspiration.  I suspect we all sang, “Puff the Magic Dragon” in our youth and that song is still loved today.  Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, ad Mary put to music the poem of Leonard Lipton who himself was inspired by a poem by Ogden Nash.  A little boy, Jackie Papers, has a pet dragon Puff and they frolic by the sea in an imaginary land of Honalee.  Jackie grows up and leaves the world of imagination and Puff crawls into his cave.  That song captured the imagination of a generation and the sense of loss of innocence as we age and take on the realities of life. 

         We read in 2 Timothy 3:16 that “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”  Luther debated with Rome that Scripture is one of the foundations we stand on because it is inspired.  It stands the test of time, is consistent, is simple truth but it is also inspirational.  It speaks into my life differently each time I read as the truth permeates into my soul.  Sometimes I am comforted that Jesus is my Shepherd.  Other times I am convicted that I need not fear danger as he walks with me through the shadow of death.  Or perhaps I rejoice that there is a table prepared for me at the end of the journey as I have persevered.

         Luther’s belief in Scripture as core to righteousness also led to his work on translating the Bible into German so that there was not just an educated priestly class but the ordinary person could come to the Word.  Perhaps today I will hear some song, see some sunset, watch some movie that touches my heart and I travel down memory lane.  As we come to Scripture today as foundational, we come to words that are training us in righteousness.  Take time to read a passage and meditate on the historical depth, the truth encapsulated in it and ponder how it inspires you to be “your better self.”  Blessings.

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