Tasty Kool-Aid

“Mom, you drink your Kool-Aid and I’ll drink mine.”  Youth often throw this quip at parents to affirm the realization that the parent sees an issue one way but to remind the parent that there are other points of view.  Sola Cristus spoke into the different ideas in the Middle-Ages, and today, on how a person accesses the spiritual world.  Must we take our chicken to the median and sacrifice to gain the healing we so desperately need?  Perhaps if we do penance and pray without ceasing, we can purify our souls and understand the divine.  Giving bribes often opens doors and giving to the church might impress God with our sincerity.  So many flavors of Kool-Aid.

         One of the most common responses to the overwhelming confusion of modern day pluralism, the multiple options of ways to approach the divine, is to adopt the philosophy – God is good and I try to be nice to everyone so God will decide.  It is a kind of passive fatalism, trusting in my efforts to do the best I can.  Christ Alone shifts the emphasis from my efforts to Christ’s work, from human mediators to a heavenly representative.  Jesus told a parable of two men building a house.  One built on sand and one built on rock.  When the rains came, the trials of life came, the house on the sand washed away.  Both men built.  Both men built houses.  Their expertise is not in question nor their character.  The issue is the foundation.  Relationship with God is the issue, not correct theology, not correct behavior. 

         Edward Mote, a Baptist preacher, in 1834 wrote the beloved hymn, On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand based on parable of the two builders. That was the only song he ever wrote.  He came from an unchurched home and an ordinary trade to become a beloved pastor. May we ponder the foundations of our faith today as we face a world demanding so many things to make the “good life,” the tasty Kool-Aid.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-peLojtKDrU

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