Today many people are gathering for prayer for the persecuted church, for the political turmoil predicted with the elections, and for the many whose lives have been impacted by Covid 19.  Three friends tested positive this week, one being the husband of a friend I spent time with Monday.  The future feels heavy.  I turned to Psalms today for comfort in the face of an uncontrollable future – by me anyway.  Psalm 29 for Oct 29 is a Psalm by King David.  “Ascribe to the Lord, O mighty ones, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength (v. 1).”  David continues and praises using what seems to me a mighty storm sweeping across the land, the seas, the forests, and the deserts, complete with lightning, power, destruction, impacting the shape of all in its path.

         “Ascribe,” reminds me that my focus on the events upending my life affects how I see life.  Am I a victim of human environmental irresponsibility or am I part of the story of a mighty God who is more powerful than the extremes of nature?  I have a choice whether I understand my life story as “victim” or as “hero”, child of God in his hand.

         Christ Alone reminds me that my life is in the hands of God.  Doctors prescribe, friends comfort, and enemies seek to destroy but only God can add length and texture.  It is he who “gives strength to his people (v.11).”  The disciples were out on the Sea of Galilee, having rowed all night and caught in a storm.  They saw Jesus coming, walking on the water and Peter said, “IF”, if you are God tell me to walk on the waves.  Peter walks and flounders when he starts looking at the wind and loses focus on Christ Alone.  Jesus does not abandon him to drown but reaches out and lifts him up.

         I do not know what storm you are trying to walk in today or perhaps what praise you are offering for having weathered a storm, but let us “ascribe” to the God who is over all, might and strong, the praise he is due and turn our eyes to him.  Blessings.

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