Kingdom of God

“It is time!”  I love that line in Lion King when Rafiki, (the name means friend in Swahili), the wise monkey, tells Simba it is time to claim his kingdom.  Simba majestically starts to walk to Pride Rock, to stand silhouetted by the sun and to do a roar.  It is a beautiful picture of the stepping into identity and role Simba has prepared all his life for.  This week TV will broadcast the change of leadership for us as President elect Biden assumes a position he has worked for all his political career.   Many will feel that same sense of fulfillment, it is time.

         Mark introduces the start of Jesus’ public ministry with the words, “The time has come. The kingdom of God is near.”  Mark uses the words “kingdom of God” fifteen times in his Gospel as Jesus preaches and fleshes out what that means.  I thought of the famous Lord’s Prayer that so many know and was given to us as a model of prayer and which has as the second petition,  “they kingdom come.”  The Catechism defines this as God’s Kingdom of Grace, his Kingdom of Glory, but not yet his Kingdom of Power.  That is still coming with Christ’s return when he climbs Pride Rock and declares his complete reign over life.  What a moment that will be.

         Today is Saturday so let us sit back and focus our hearts in a musical rendition of the Lord’s Prayer by Andrea Bocelli:  The Kingdom of God is near in the presence of Jesus Christ, in the closeness of the Holy Spirit, and experienced in word, sacrament, prayer and fellowship.  Lord, may we keep our eyes on you as we go through this week.

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