“Lord, Speak to Me”

Saturdays are good days for sitting back, getting the wash done and all those jobs you don’t have time to do all week.  For many this is their Sabbath and others will celebrate tomorrow.  On weekends we take time to focus on our spiritual self, our better self, for at least an hour in many cases.  I tend to think that my spiritual self is not a separate entity as the Enlightenment thought, body-mind-spirit but rather an integral part of my whole being.  Narrative theory that enlightened my chaplaincy studies taught that the body needs the spirit to live and the spirit needs the body to express itself.  Made sense to me.  Only feeding my soul on Sundays seem to me to be like watering my plants when I see that they begin to droop.  May I suggest we take a minute today, sit in our favorite chair, take a deep breath, place hands palm up on our legs in an open receptive stance and listen to the link to the hymn “Lord, Speak to Me.”

         Frances Ridley Havergal, the author of the hymn, was an English poetess and hymn writer.  This text appeared in 1872 under the title, “A Worker’s Prayer.”  She has been called the “consecration poet” because of her deep love for the Lord.  As you listen to the verses, you will note the call to repentance and renewal that has been the theme of our prophets and prophetess this week.  Sit back and enjoy.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxeUE-9dQLI.

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