Day 9 Unnamed Men

Day Nine of Lent

Mark 14: 12-16, it is the day before Passover, Thursday of Holy Week, and preparations for eating the lamb are underway in many houses.  But Jesus is a “wanted” person.  He is wanted by religious leaders to kill him.  He is wanted by some of the common people for healing.  His own group includes a traitor, Judas Iscariot who has joined with the religious hierarchy.  Tension is mounting.  Where will he celebrate the Passover? 

         Jesus sends two disciples into Jerusalem to look for a man, not a woman (and what is that about?) carrying water.  They are to follow him to a home where the owner will show them an upper room already prepared.  The owner has already anticipated the need or been alerted and is willing to welcome Jesus and the disciples into his home.  Like the unnamed woman who anointed Jesus’ head, this owner has no name either. His actions will define him too and this evening will be remembered.

         In the first 16 verses of chapter 14, two nameless people have shown love to Jesus, not come begging for a healing, an exorcism or a favor. Their actions, their generosity remind us who they are.  I am challenged by these nameless people to ponder my actions and their motives. In Kenya I was never called by my name as that was socially inappropriate.  A name has power.  At the dispensary when asking a patient her name, she would turn to her neighbor and ask her to tell us!  These two people are nameless also.  I doubt history will remember my name but possibly my grandchildren will?   Returning to the States, the bank teller would address me by a shortened version of my name and yet I did not know him while Kenyan friends just addressed me as “mother of ….”  It is easy to be a friend when there is no cost but another thing to be a friend during hard times.  “Actions speak louder than words.” 

         Perhaps today we might reflect on how our actions define us.  Like the servant, are we willing to look silly carrying a jug of water like a woman?  Like the owner of the upper room, are we willing to share our wealth?  Let us take a few minutes and think whom we might bless.  Perhaps there is someone you could send a postcard of appreciation to or a deed of kindness that is unexpected.  Someone in your world needs the affirmation of love acted out.

         The two disciples do as Jesus instructed.  They went to town and there was a man carrying water.  The man did lead them to a home with an upstairs room.  The owner was not surprised at their request as the room was furnished and ready.  All the disciples had to do was get things ready for Jesus.  All we need to do is get things ready for Jesus to do his thing!  Blessings as you help today, even if I don’t know your name.  God does! 

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