Day 12 of Easter: Let Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees

This week we reflected on the resurrection report of Cleopas and friend, possibly husband, on the road returning home to Emmaus after the crucifixion on the evening of Easter .  Jesus, unrecognized, joined them and explained to them as they walked the scriptures that predicted his death and resurrection.  They invited him in to stay and it was in the breaking of bread that their eyes were opened and they recognized him.

         One of the most popular communion songs that comes from African American spirituals is Let Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees.  Often communion is associated with kneeling at the altar rail on our knees.  There are several versions arising from the Gullah/Geechee cultural Heritage area along the East coast between Jacksonville, FL and Willmington, NC.  “Oh Lord have mercy on me,” is the Kyrie Eleison, the plea for mercy that comes with our prayers.  I am including a link to Joan Baez sharing how she sang it during Civil Rights.  It seems appropriate for our day too!

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