25th Day of Easter

“Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go,” shares Matthew in his Gospel.  Luke on the other hand has the disciples, the men of Galilee, going to a mountain outside Bethany.  When Luke writes the Book of Acts, he opens with Jesus meeting with the disciples but place is not specified.  The exact place may not be as significant as that all accounts indicate that the last sighting of Jesus was on a mountain by a large group of people.  It sounds very similar to Moses and the people of Israel gathering at Mt. Sinai.  Elijah too went to Mt. Sinai to meet with God.  Sacred spaces are places that we today might call “thin places” where the spiritual and the ordinary seem to meet.

         In Kenya a large tree standing by itself might be recognized as a sacred space and often there would be a leg of goat dangling from the limb, a sacrifice to the gods.  We consider churches, mosques, synagogues as sacred spaces and places of refugee.  They are places of prayer.  They are places of symbolism.  Churches often have a cross, a Bible, an altar, a baptismal font, and perhaps instruments of music. Candles set a calm, meditative atmosphere.  Bibles and literature are available for reading.

         The disciples went to a mountain-top, where ancestors had gone, where earth touhes heaven to meet with Jesus. Where do you go when you want to spend time with God?  Actually, I have my recliner chair where I can have a cup of coffee, read and meditate in the morning or retreat to when I come home from work.  The routine sets a spiritual rhythm in my soul. God can meet us anywhere and often in the unexpected places but having designated places that our bodies know to relax and reflect is also a good spiritual discipline

         What places are special or sacred to you?  What characterizes the space?  Do you have routines or traditions that help your soul unwind?  Perhaps take time to reflect on times of spiritual encounter and think of common themes that characterize these encounters.  God invites us to call upon his name, “(Psalm 50:15) Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”  2 Peter 5:2 tells us to “cast your cares on him for he cares for you.”  Spend some time today in your special place and meet with the one who holds your life in his hands.

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