Once Upon a Time

Some opening lines to stories set the tone of what is to follow and we remember.  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” opens A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood” opens Robert Frosts’ famous poem “The Road Not Taken.”  “Two households, both alike in dignity…” opens Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”  The Bible opens with, “In the beginning, God created…”  The opening sets the stage that before all is God.  Today we are challenged to read Genesis 1 and 2 that tells of the creation of heaven, earth and all that fills them, including people, animals, vegetation, and matter.

         God’s first words, “Let there be light” gives a theme that will be unfolding in this epic story, how God’s intention is to shine light into darkness.  God creates form: heaven/earth, light/dark, sky/water and land/sea in the first three “days” of creation.  He then filled the forms with sun/moon, birds/fish, animals and humans in the next three days.  All humanity carries God’s image and God’s life. We quibble about seven “days” but the Bible has God creating, filling, and declaring, “It is good.”

         The important place to start an epic is with the realization that there is a pre-existent God who created us in his image, to care for his world, and to bring light.  We are not a mistake no matter what the circumstances surrounding our inception.  We are valued no matter what mishaps have plagued us.  And God desires to fill us with light and life.

         Let us take a few moments to reflect on how we see the creativity of God in the world around us, in the people around us, and how we might be his instruments to bring light into the life of another today.  It may feel like the worst of times but God is working.  We may be choosing between two paths as we journey through the woods of life but we can have the Holy Spirit guiding us.  And yes there are Romeos and Juliets in our love story but we also know there is a God walking through those rough times with us.  In the beginning, God!  Start your day with this reminder.  Blessings.

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