Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Genesis 42.  The Pharaoh of Egypt had two dreams that disturbed him and suddenly the cupbearer, the man in prison who was helped by Joseph, remembers.  Joseph interprets the dreams and shoots to #2, our modern day Minister of Agriculture.  Joseph understands Pharoah’s dreams to foretell seven years of plenty and seven years of severe famine. He establishes a plan of saving the plenty for the time of want.  The famine spreads and touches Joseph’s birth family.  It would appear that God is working behind the scenes to bring family reconciliation.

         The ten brothers come to Egypt to buy food but do not recognize Joseph.  We have an interesting cast of characters.  Father Jacob is back at home with his family but still grieves Joseph.  The brothers, seemingly prosperous herdsmen, arrive to buy food but the skeleton in their closet is about to be revealed.  Meanwhile Joseph seemingly has it all now, power, position, a wife and two sons but he misses his birth family.  Appearances can be deceiving.

Trying to keep our “mask” on when there is turmoil in our hearts is very exhausting.  Tomorrow the masks will fall and the story be put right but today we ponder our resources in the midst of the struggle of appearances.  The brothers know their “story” and their guilt and provide a support community.  Grief support groups or groups like AA or WW provide encouragement and support for people caught in addictions.  Weekly in church the pastor gives the absolution, “By the power invested in me by the church I declare unto you the entire forgiveness of all your sins.”  Confession and coming clean is good for the soul.  Psalms of lament give us words to express our anger and frustration when life seems to be going wrong.  Prayer, while maybe not talking to someone seen, gives voice to the internal struggle.  Perhaps there is something you are holding close and not wanting others to see about you but finding help to carry the load is always good.  “Bridge over troubled water,” expresses those feelings.  Blessings as you sort it out.

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