“Only a Boy Named David”

Somewhere around 1000 BCE we see the nation of Israel pulling itself together from being 12 tribes conquering a geographical area into a political entity.  They go from being a theocracy, a country under a god who communicated through representatives, to a country with a king.  Eli the high priest started this transition when his sons were unfit to follow in his steps.  God brings Samuel, a small boy from a barren mother, whose fulfilled prayer for a child led her to give the boy to Eli to raise.  Samuel’s sons too were not fit to follow in their father’s footsteps and the elders gather and demand a king like other nations.  They wanted to be like other countries and they wanted a king they could see with all his trappings and demands rather than a god who was unseen.  God allows them to learn.  Saul, another unlikely candidate from the smallest clan of the smallest tribe but tall and handsome is anointed.  He started well but did not obey God completely so God chose David, a shepherd boy.  In the story of David and Goliath we see the heart of a king who would unite his country and who would seek to honor God.

         Both Saul and David responded to being chosen by asking the question, “Who am I that I should be chosen.”  God seems to delight in choosing ordinary people like you and me and uses us to write his epic story that is still being played out through us.  Amazing grace!  I have chosen two songs for this Saturday.  We would sing, “Only a Boy Named David” to our children at bedtime to express our belief in their God given potential.  As an adult, I love the song, “Who Am I.”  Enjoy.  God wants to use you.

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