You Raise Me Up

What is it about the teachings of Jesus that have so impacted our world?  Perhaps it is the promises of a coming kingdom where justice and love will be genuine and that gives us hope and a vision for the future? Jesus spoke parables that tell stories that reassure us in this struggling world of ours that we are important and that his kingdom is worth entering.  He reassures us that when we are lost like a sheep, invisible like a lost coin, or repentant like the wayward child that there is a God who runs to embrace us. 

         This week, as pictures and stories have poured out of our radios and TVs about Afghanistan and the chaos there, I have felt helpless.  As I listened to the arguing about Covid and wearing masks, I have felt exhausted.  As I have seen the burned out communities and people who have lost everything, I have grieved.        We come to the end of the week focusing on the teachings of Jesus and the song that comes to my heart is how Jesus’s teachings and life raise me up to more than I can be. Please enjoy.

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