Feeding the 5,000

Luke 9:1-36.  This week we will  look at the miracles done by Jesus in our epic story, The Bible.  Our epic hero, God, is beginning to show his hand against the epic villain, Satan.  God has incarnated in the person Jesus, an inconspicuous baby who has become a man and is coming into public view.  Jesus teaches and tells parables about the Kingdom of Heaven, our hero’s design for the future, as opposed to the kingdom of this world run by Satan.  Faith opens our eyes to see it but our wills must decide.]]

         Jesus demonstrates his teachings with actions that point to truth. Seeing the miracles was not believing in him nor accepting his teachings as often he was opposed.  Jesus’ miracles did help people but they were done also to demonstrate principles.  Jesus takes five loaves of bread and two fish to feed five thousand men plus women and children.  God’s kingdom multiples as it is given away!”  (Kuniholm, p. 159)  As we share and don’t hoard, goodness grows.

         Jesus has sent the disciples out to share their faith at the beginning of the ninth chapter of Luke.  They return with joyful reports.  Jesus takes the disciples for a rest but the crowds follow so that now the weary disciples have hungry people surrounding them.  One disciple finds a boy with five loaves and two fish.  Too much demand and too little resources.  We know that problem today as we look at the problems that are overwhelming us.  Too many refugees, too much earthquake disaster, too much disease, too much rain and too much fire.  How can we cope? I feel like one of the disciples facing the 5,000.

         Jesus has the crowd sit, prays, and feeds the people.  What is Jesus teaching the disciples?  Pray before you eat?  I doubt it.  It is only as faith is given away that the kingdom grows.  It is in sharing our faith, that we and others are blessed.  I do not know what that means as we cope with our problems today but I do know that selfishness is not the answer and that I in my own resources, is not enough.  Some problems are too big and we need God.

         So as you look at the week ahead of you, where do you need God to multiply your meager resources?  Jesus started by having the people sit down, relax, take a breath.  He prayed and gave thanks for the challenge they were facing.  He broke the bread into pieces.  Perhaps we need to remind ourselves not to panic over the big picture but to live faithfully each day as it presents its self and trust God for the results.  Blessings as you face your week with its challenges.

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