Acts 8:26-40 zeroes in on a moment in the life of another lesser known disciple, Philip.  There are the great preachers like Peter, Stephen, Paul, and John who seem to be in the public eye and people flock to hear them but there are also the quiet, not so obvious people going about their daily lives.  Philip might be one of those…or you and I.

         Philip feels led to take a trip out towards Gaza, towards the desert.  He does not know why but he obeys.  There he meets the Ethiopian eunuch, the treasurer of the Queen of Ethiopia, returning home after a trip to worship in Jerusalem.  Here is a man who would certainly feel “second class” despite his very respectable job with very important people.  Perhaps we can identify with this feeling of insignificance despite all our accomplishments and efforts to do things right.  The man is reading in the Old Testament, Isaiah, about someone else who was humiliated and died leaving no children.  Those verses touched the man’s heart for he understood.  He would die with no children of his own and knew the humiliation of being a eunuch.

         Our first assignment in Kenya, Grandpa Isendilli was our house worker.  As a youth guarding the flocks he had been grabbed by the other tribe, emasculated and left to die.  He was taken to a mission hospital, lived and became a Christian.  He is probably one of the wisest people I have known.  But he could not sit with the elders.  He married and had children by arrangement whom he raised responsibility but he knew humiliation. That did not stop him from humbly working and enjoying his family.

         Philip was able to explain the life of Christ to the man, who believed and saw a lake and asked to be baptized. We do not know what happened to the man and we hear little more about Philip.  So many moments come and go like that.  We do not know what opportunities will open for us each day to obey those nudgings of the Holy Spirit or to share a bit of the Bible that has touched our life with someone we meet.  This does not mean street evangelism but being transparent with those we meet about our faith if it seems appropriate.  It is easy to dismiss ourselves because we are not the upfront preacher but God is working through you also and your voice counts.  Blessings on your day.

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