“Be Thou My Vision”

This week we looked at highlights of letters Paul wrote from jail to early Christians.  These young believers had no Bible to study, were a persecuted minority, and were under the influence of roving preachers who themselves were uneducated.  Paul wrote letters that were preserved and foundational to Christian theology and understanding of the events of Christ’s life.  Those early believers must have relied much on prayer, the power of their conversion, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Basic creeds came out of these early writings that we say today.  This hymn that may date as far back as 400 AD reflects the faith statements that were forming.

         The internet shares about this favorite Irish hymn, “The original Old Irish text, “Rop tú mo Baile”, is often attributed to Saint Dallán Forgaill in the 6th century. … The text of “Rop tú mo Baile”/”Be Thou My Vision” reflects aspects of life in Early Christian Ireland (c. 400-800 AD). The prayer belongs to a type known as a lorica, a prayer for protection.”

May Byrne (1880-1931), an Irish scholar translated the song.  The song uses heroic imagery appropriate for protection prayers, seeing the Lord as chieftain or king of our lives. Whether our days are dark and foreboding, confusing and don’t make sense, Paul would always point us to Christ, our vision.  May you have a blessed weekend.

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