The Abyss

Today our reading is Revelation 19 and 20.  We skip to the end of Revelation.  Again we have symbolism that has been debated by theologians especially in the 1970s.  The Left Behind series is a narrative interpretation of these chapters.  Is the thousand years mentioned in chapter 20 the millennium with a rapture coming before, in the middle or after this period?  The Great White Throne judgment is in these chapters too.  Theologians can’t decide and possibly it makes little difference to our everyday life.  As with the Trinity of the Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, there seems to be a trinity of evil, Satan, the beast and the false prophet.

         Evil in all its forms will be confined to the abyss and the fiery lake for eternity, never to bother God’s creations again.  Evil will be defeated and justice restored.  The Great White Throne judgment seems to indicate that there will be some sort of judgment based on deeds and on whether our names are in the Book of Life.  Relationship with Jesus is the key factor here.  Just how rewards will be allotted we ill have to wait and see but we do know that our names are written down and we will be seen and understood by God who knows for all the pressures that we dealt with.  It will be personal and fair.  It will not be a scale weighing the good over the bad but a realization of relationship to Christ. 

         The end of evil, the judgment of people and lastly chapter 19 tells of a great celebration.  It is pictured as a wedding feast where the groom, Jesus Christ, is united with his bride, the Church universal and people of every tribe and nation.  What a glorious day!

         So what does that mean today to us?  We do not struggle against evil unseen and unappreciated.  The truth will come out taking everything into consideration.  Evil will be punished.  We need not carry the burden of vengeance.  The efforts and intents of our heart will be seen and rewarded.  We will be appreciated for who we really are and live into that reality unhampered by evil.  Thank you, Lord.  That’s hope!

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