All Saints Day

Catholics and many others call November 1 “All Saints Day.” Next Sunday, November 7 will be All Saints Sunday.  We will remember those people, the saints, in our churches that have died this year.  In my little congregation there will be 13 names.  As far as I know, none are Coved related.  The reality of life weighs heavy on my heart.

         In the past five years my husband and I have moved twice.  I remember our first realtor whose favorite word was, “DECLUTTER!”  We carried boxes of books to Half Price Bookstore.  Good Will inherited clothes we did not think we would loose weight to fit into again or that would not be needed in the new climate.  Children inherited family memorabilia that we hoped one day to pass on to them.  Others items were held to avoid a family feud.  Yes, we shredded and tossed out a lot of paper stuff.  The one thing that has followed us and that we find so hard to simplify are the photo albums, the memories.  I kept promising I would get to them in the new setting, when things settled down and I could think straight.  Have I done it yet?  NO!  My friends are bemoaning the same plight.  Memories of our loved ones or even our enemies, people who have hurt us, are difficult to just “declutter” like old wedding gifts.

         But wait, “saints” refers to three “c” groups. First is the cloud of saints that surround us, the saints who have gone before.  Secondly there is the crowd of saints that we live with.  And thirdly there are the children, the “saints becoming” that follow behind us.  “Saint” is how God sees us whether we are with him, on our way or becoming.  It is our standing in Christ even as we realize we are sinners.  We are a bit of a mixed bag.  Our lives create memories that impacts others.

         Take a moment and light a candle. 

         Can you think of a saint who has gone before who has blessed your life?  Say a prayer of thanks.

         Can you think of a saint, someone who is alive now, who blesses you and helps you carry your burdens?  Say a prayer of thanks.

         Can you think of a young saint whose life you would like to impact?  Say a prayer for them.

         Thank you, Lord, for those who have gone before to show us the way, for those who walk beside us on our journey, and for those lives we impact for you.  Blessings are you walk down memory lane.

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