“V” is for Voice

Whose voice would you like to hear this Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving is a time when we pick up the phone and call a parent far away, or perhaps a sibling across the country and for some the voice of an important person away with the military.  Maybe you sit back and connect with a friend.  Just hearing the other’s voice, warms the heart. 

         Probably those first pilgrims had trouble voicing language that was understandable to the indigenous people.  Growing a common language for communication is hard work.  My husband and I worked translating a spoken language into a written language.  Voice is important.  You know the childhood game of whispering a message around a circle and how distorted it can become if the voice does not speak clearly.

         “Listening a person into voice” is a way of saying that a person is patient and allows the other to search for the right words to express the experience they have been through – good or bad.  The “Spoken Word” is an art form that allows youth and older people to put their experiences into poetry that is read aloud to audiences.  Having voice, is having presence, is granting power and prestige to someone.  It gives the power of vote and opinion.

         When voices join together, choirs are formed, music written and many blessed.  When voices are joined together as in marches where chants are voiced, it creates an audible vote and weigh in on political issues.  As a mother of twins, I quickly learned to turn to the other twin and ask for his side of the story to give him voice in the face of accusation.

         God spoke in creation, “Let there be light!”  God spoke out of a burning bush to Moses.  God spoke out of a cloud at the baptism of Jesus, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.”  Jesus spoke and Lazarus came out of the grave.  Jesus’ voice healed people.  Voice is important as books are now being written to give voice to the indigenous people’s side of the Thanksgiving story.

         In John 10:27 the apostle shares about Jesus being the Good Shepherd.  “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me.”  We will recognize his voice.

         I pray this Thanksgiving a beloved voice will speak affirmations into your life, that voices will be raised in prayers of thanksgiving for the good that did bless our lives this year, and that we will hear God’s voice speaking to us and leading us to green pastures.  Blessings.

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