“”Breath of Heaven”

We have been focusing on Advent.  Coming alongside and being introduced to so many of the main characters surrounding the Christmas story.  But we have noticed the role angels have played in the lead up to the Christmas.  Their role as messengers pronouncing, confirming, and explaining the events of Christmas is note worthy. 

         The Holy Spirit is often referred to as the breath of God, unseen, but impacting our lives.  We hear about the Spirit of God hovering over the unformed universe as it was created in Genesis.  We read about the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit is not a created entity like an angel but like angels we are not always aware of its presence.  I love our song today as it speaks to all the unseen work of God in our lives that we often do not stop to be thankful for.

         This year I have enjoyed the fairly new song, “Breath of Heaven” written by Christ Eaton.  Amy Grant asked in 1992 to be able to take the song and add verses sharing a woman’s point of view, namely Mary’s during her pregnancy.  Eaton agreed.  The song is shown in this YouTube with pictures from “The Nativity Story.”  Other artists have recorded the song but Amy Grant’s is famous.   As you listen, ponder how your life has been directed by the Holy Spirit as you have traveled through the ups and downs of your life and join Mary’s cry for strength and support in times of darkness, for God’s glory.

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