“We Three Kings”

We come to the end of the Christmas Season today.  This week we focused on the Magi, their journey, their quest, their stop in Jerusalem and their arrival to worship “the new born king.”  The hymn “We Three Kings of Orient Are” celebrates this story and the gifts that they brought with them to give the baby.  It was written by an Episcopalian pastor John  Henry Hopkins in 1857 for a Christmas pageant in New York City.

         This story is beloved because it reminds us that Jesus was sent for all people, not just the Jews.  We are in the story.  These Magi recognized and followed that star.  God was working outside “the box” and that gives us hope that God is working outside our boxes in our lives even today.  These Magi looked with eyes of faith at a baby and could see beyond to believe Jesus was God incarnate to be worshiped.  We need to look at life with eyes of faith to see God working in ways that are not so very obvious.  The Magi were important enough to be visited by an angel.  We are important.  These Magi were willing to commit to a journey and stick with it over time so that they could worship and bless this new born king.  My prayer is that we will step into the adventure of 2022 keeping our eyes open to see a God who leads with prophecy, who guides with stars, who speaks through all tribes, and who is worthy of worship and our gifts. Blessings as we enter the Epiphany Season and look forward to epiphany, ahaaa, moments getting to know our God revealed in Jesus!

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