“Undercover Boss”

Luke 12: 35-48

“Undercover Boss” is a TV serial with its at least 8 seasons.  It is a “two-time Emmy Award winning reality series” according to the Internet overview.  It portrays executives leaving their high status positions and slipping anonymously in with the working employees of their own organizations.  The “boss” wants to examine the nuts and bolts of the workings of his organization.  This sounds terribly familiar to our text today.  Jesus is telling the crowds that they should act like servants who realize the boss might come home at any moment, or worse yet, might be in disguise among them.  The sounds like Jesus, God Incarnate, warning people that it is possible for God to be among them and they might not even realize it!

         So why is this important?  As the TV series shows, the boss sees who is responsibly handling their assignment and those workers will be  rewarded, get raises.  The undercover boss also sees who the lazy workers are and which workers take advantage of fellow workers and abuse the trust they have been given.  Those servants, employees, will be punished severely.  God is able to be undercover, seeing, rewarding and punishing.  Jesus is speaking in language we understand only too well.  Our relationship is not based on being hired but is based on being family, should we choose to be adopted.  But it is true, as the God of the universe who incarnated that God also sees our treatment of the world and responds.

         As we travel through Lent, it might be wise to take a minute and write down three main responsibilities you feel you have.  You could divide the paper and write ways you try to be responsible on one side and “room for improvement” on the other side.  Pray over both sides with thanksgiving and prayers for improvement!  Blessings.

         Our Lenten prayer: “ Many children can’t afford breakfast.  Try skipping that meal today and see how it feels.”  An alternative idea would be to put the cost of a cup of coffee at your favorite spot, into your charity jar.

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