“A Great Banquet”

Luke 14:15-24

Jesus does not give up trying to help us understand the kingdom of heaven.  Yesterday we talked about who will be saved, who will be in the Kingdom, to which Jesus gives us a picture of entering a narrow door. It will not be like working for good grades or like trying out for the Olympics.  Our idea is rewards for performance, works and looks.  The door is narrow because it is not based on us but on God’s grace, admitting we need help. 

         Jesus goes to a Pharisees home to eat and gives another picture.  The kingdom is like a great banquet.  But the guests start to make excuses.  Some can’t come because of financial commitments.  Some can’t come because of employment commitments.  Others have family commitments.  Sunday morning we hear all these excuses that also include the late Saturday night socializing or perhaps the type of music.  For some there is that person who hurt their feelings and the old wound is festering.    Not only is the door to the kingdom of God narrow and involve relationship with the owner of the house, the invite to go through that door is often just not convenient for “our” agenda.  Ooops, and there we have the problem.  I want life on my terms for my benefit. 

         Perhaps, though, rather than focusing on that, we might focus on the promise of a future banquet.  Banquets imply fun, food, and fellowship.  Jesus is contrasting the Kingdom of Heaven to the evening news with missels, destruction, and pleas for help.  The contrast is real but the invitation to attend must be accepted,

         So, what are some ways we say “tomorrow” spiritually.  Being tired is one of my favorite.  I don’t know what to wear is another.  The owner of the house has not closed the door and dynamics of our world need prayer.  I pray I will meet you at the banquet!  Blessings.

Lenten challenge: “Every day 34,000 children under the age of 5 die from hunger and preventable diseases.  That’s 24 children a minute!  Give a quarter, 25 cents, and pray for these children.”

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