“The Day Thou Gavest”

The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended,
The Darkness Falls At Thy Behest;
To Thee Our Morning Hymns Ascended,
Thy Praise Shall Sanctify Our Rest.

We Thank Thee That Thy Church, Unsleeping
While Earth Rolls Onward Into Light,
Through All The World Her Watch Is Keeping
And Rests Not Now By Day Nor Night.

As Over Each Continent And Island
The Dawn Leads On Another Day,
The Voice Of Prayer Is Never Silent,
Nor Dies The Strain Of Praise Away.

The Sun That Bids Us Rest Is Waking
Our Brethren Beneath The Western Sky,
And Hour By Hour Fresh Lips Are Making
Thy Wondrous Doings Heard On High.

So Be It, Lord; Thy Throne Shall Never,
Like Earth’s Proud Empires, Pass Away;
Thy Kingdom Stands, And Grows For Ever,
Till All Thy Creatures Own Thy Sway.

A friend whom I have known for over 40 years visited this evening.  They traveled several States to get here and shared this song as one of their favorites after a long exhausting week.  After battling medical challenges, listening to discouraging war reports, I too was comforted by the thought that as the sun travels around the world waking people the result is that people are praying.  There are always people praying about the war, about the pandemic, about politics and about so much more.  I pray as you listen to this mellow hymn, it will bring peace to your heart knowing that not only is God never asleep, some of his people are always praying.   As the last verse shares, empires may pass but God’s Kingdom endures.  Blessings.

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