“Standing in the Need of Prayer”

Our devotionals this week focused a lot on people who realized as they journey through life that they needed help.  They stood in the need of prayer and help.  Ten lepers came to Jesus for healing.  They were quarantined on the edge of town with a terminal disease.  They prayed, “Lord, if you will..” and were healed.  A tax collector, condemned by society, stood at the back of the temple pleading for forgiveness while a Pharisee thanked God for making the Pharisee’s life so good – at the front of church.  The broken are reduced to prayer and understand this African American spiritual that came out of the slavery they experienced with its abuses.  The National Jubilee Melodies (1916) printed the first version of this hymn.  It comforts many in times of deep soul distress.  Please quietly reflect on the role of prayer in your life as you listen.  Blessings.

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