“Were You There”

Saturday we sit in silence.  We know Sunday is coming with its surprises but the people at the time of the crucifixion did not.  They looked out on a world that they thought was going to be rescued from Roman domination by this promising Messiah.  But he didn’t.  Perhaps some of us can sit and understand that feeling as we look at our world where to our horror people are being killed in Ukraine, in Uganda and in other places.  Innocent children and women are caught in some leader’s fight for power.  No power seems able to stop the killing.  Some of us sit by the bedside of a loved one who was not healed by Jesus…but we know he could have.  Some of us look out on a world that can be so beautiful…but isn’t because of global warming, pollution, and trash.  And for some the ramifications of a failed marriage, a failed business enterprise, or a bad investment leave us wondering how we will face tomorrow.  There are times when we cry out, “I believe, help my unbelief!”

     The African American spiritual first published in 1899 by an unknown author is beloved because it captures this feeling, the deep grief of loss and more.  Let us bow our heads, listen, and pray.  Blessing.

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