“Guest or Ghost”

Luke 24: 39

At the end of the day when we are tired, it is easy to allow ours doubts and memories of seeming failures to fill our mind.  Perhaps we should have….  What did so and so mean by this or that?  Shadows of the evening can also be shadows of our discouragement.  The followers of Jesus came to the end of the first Easter day.  They had gone through the amazement of hearing that the tomb was empty.  They had been confused by some people saying they saw a risen Jesus.  They had been shocked at the stories of the guards saying the followers stole the body of Jesus.  The followers are locked behind doors, afraid.  In the middle of this exhaustion, confusion and shock Jesus appears. They think it is a ghost!  John says Jesus breathed on them peace.

         Jesus then invites them to touch him.  “Look at my hands and feet.  It is I myself!  Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.”  You cannot touch shadows.  You cannot touch fear.  Jesus invites them into relationship with a real person with a real body.  Each Sunday or each time we take communion, we receive the same invitation.  “This is my body.”  “This is my blood.”  We are invited to experience and communicate with the risen Jesus.

         Don’t wait for Sunday. Christ is risen.  Where do your spiritual senses experience Jesus today?  For some it is the hug of a child, the laughter with a friend, the cool breeze on a warm evening, or maybe a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  It may be a quiet time of prayer when your heart burns within you.  Jesus breaks through the spiritual shadows of fear and invites us to see his hands and feet and touch him.  Take a moment today during your devotions to identify the different ways Jesus touches your life today and where you see him as you look around.  He is there, inviting you to experience him.  Read a favorite Bible verse!  Blessings. 

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