“A week later…”

John 20: 26

December was a rough time for our family years ago.  Our second son was born Dec. 12.  Christmas was Dec. 25.  Our twins were born January 1.  A week was a long time to wait for a birthday…and who’s birthday?  And we tried to treat each twin as an individual.  Sigh.  Apostle Thomas was not with his friends on Easter evening when Jesus appeared as they huddled behind locked doors in fear.  For one week Thomas has felt on the outside of an experience that his good friends had.  I’m sure he wondered if he would meet Jesus and “how much longer” must he wait.

         Waiting is hard.  Thomas did not know for sure he would meet Jesus alive but he must have wanted to.  As much as we hope to meet that baby when it is born, we know there is always the possibility of drama.  We have dreams about what marriage will mean but we don’t know because we have never been there.  So how do we wait for Christmas, for birthdays, for holidays, for bonus checks, for the end of the war, for the mail to come, for the death of a loved one, for…..fill in the blank.  How do you wait?  What fills your mind and your thoughts.  Waiting is hard.

         I do not know what Thomas did while he was waiting but we do know a whole week went by.  A week can feel like eternity.  I’m sure he too wanted to see Jesus alive.  But, he had to wait for God’s time. 

         While waiting, some of us spin stories about the excitement of an encounter.  Some of us try to ignore the anxiety in the pit of our stomach. We eat.  We shop.  We do crafts.  Others cook to prepare for a celebration.  Keeping a positive attitude is important.  Prayer focuses our thoughts on God as our good shepherd who is working for good and who knows the right time and context for our dream to unfold.  Prayer  turns anxiety over to God. That is helpful.  Scripture memorization helps me.  Music that focuses me on God lifts my spirits.  Think of ways you help your soul when you must wait.  We all wait to meet Jesus.   Blessings as you wait on the issues in front of you.

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