“Empty hands…”

John 21: 3

“Let’s go fishing,” was Peter’s strategy for waiting for Jesus to appear again.  He and six others spent the night fishing.  Many times we slog along in life doing what we know how to do until our next “insight” comes.  The disciples were used to being with Jesus, following him around, helping him with his ministry, soaking in his presence.  But Easter meant Jesus was alive but they did not seem to have his everyday presence.  Something had changed.  Reality had changed in more than one way.  Jesus was resurrected and so his presence had changed.  But the disciples had changed too.  The story we ponder this week speaks to those times when we are in the midst of reorientation to a new norm.  The disciples went back to fishing, something they knew how to do, but… “but that night they caught nothing.”

     John does not write cause-and-effect into these first three verses.  He does not insinuate that the disciples were running away or being lazy, but what he does do is set the scene that replicates a similar encounter with Jesus when the disciples had fished all night and caught nothing.  We the reader see the similarity.  Have you had one of those times when you felt like, “been there and done that” … and it still doesn’t work!  After a second disastrous engagement, I had to start asking myself what I was doing wrong that I came up with same heartbreak.  My failure led me to reflect and evaluate how I was facing into the future.  “ Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

         So reflect, where have you come up empty handed recently?  Perhaps it was not that you did anything wrong but that God is seeking to interact with you.  Where might God’s hand be in the situation?  Is there something that needs to be tweaked?  A good prayer is to ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, open your ears, and open your heart to see Jesus acting in your situation that is challenging you.  Blessings as you look for Him.

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