John 21:7-14

John continues relating this Easter scene with a very detailed report of the fishing outcome.  “The disciple whom Jesus loved,” recognizes that Jesus is calling to them from the shore.  The seven disciples had fished all night and caught nothing. A man on the shore tells them to throw their nets on the other side.  Their nets are full and the lights go on.  It is Jesus.  John continues to describe Peter putting on his clothes so that he could jump in the water and get to the shore faster.  Usually we take off our clothes before we jump in water.  On shore a fire with roasted fish met them.  Jesus does not need the disciples catch!! But Jesus asks how many fish were in the haul.  153!  Jesus feeds the disciples from his resources, not from the catch of fish.  I just chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

         It sounds like a cat bringing a mouse to the master but in fact, the master loves the cat with or without the mouse.  How often do we think our actions support our worth to the Lord?  The bigger the church, the more people in the congregation, the more fantastic the praise team we deem as “success.”  In the scene, the disciples caught fish only because Jesus was directing, his wisdom brought success.  We live by grace.  The 153 fish were not needed for breakfast.  Jesus feeds us from his resources, not from ours.  We live by his Word, not ours.  Peter clothed himself to jump in the water and to reach Jesus.  Jesus accepts us just as we are and knows who we are with or without clothes.  We don’t need to dress up our act spiff for him..

So which of these three points touches you today

  • God gets the credit for suggesting the other side – grace
  • God does not need my resources to feed people – scripture
  • God know everything about me without dressing up – transparency

Take a moment to thank God for ways he has fed you this week!  Was there a serendipitous moment that fed your soul?  Is there some spot of guilt that you think is hidden from God that needs to be brought to the table?


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