“What shall we do?”

Acts 2:37-41

Pentecost started “suddenly” with an experience that let people know they were standing on holy ground: violent winds, tongues of fire on heads, and people speaking languages they had never known and others hearing a message in their own heart language.  All extraordinary.  We realize we have come into the presence of the Holy.  Then we see an expression of gifts formerly undeveloped, Peter steps forward as a preacher, explaining Jewish history and putting the recent events in perspective.  The one God worshipped by the Jews was also the Jesus who lived among them, living the character of God, claiming to be God but who was crucified by them to fulfill prophecy.  Pentecost was the Holy Spirit was appearing as prophesied centuries before.  This whole scenario seems like one of those crisis moments when people make choices.

         “Suddenly” events of life appear in a new light that challenges my actions and understanding. The truth given me demands a response.  For Peter this meant not denial but telling the crowds the truth as he understood it.  When people asked him if he was a follower the night of the trial, he denied and fled.  Now he steps forward and preaches.  For many in the crowd this meant dealing with their guilt over participating in the crucifixion.  Others were called into praise. 

         Not all of us are called to be preachers like Peter nor is our pastor necessarily gifted like Peter but we are blessed with God’s word that speaks to us.  Sometimes we are challenged to use our gifts in new ways and sometimes we are convicted about our misuse of our gifts.  Sometimes the Spirit moves us to praise or to prayer but it is hard to be neutral in the presence of God.

     So let’s spend a moment listening to the Spirit speaking to our hearts today.  It could be conviction about mouth-in-motion but it could also be we need to be quiet to hear the whisper of love and desire to be more involved in our lives, developing our talents.  Spend a moment centering yourself in God’s Word.  Perhaps like in the passage, our prayer today is, “ what shall we do? (v.37)”  Blessings.

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