“Tempest in a Tea Pot”

Acts 5:12-17

When my sister and I would have our arguments, I can remember my mother coming in and saying, “Little birdies in a nest!”  or “What is this “tempest in a teapot?”  Our reading today talks about the followers of Jesus continuing on like usual, going to Temple to pray, and then meeting in one of the major gathering areas to debrief.  This was laying the foundation for later tensions, for a  tempest in the Jerusalem teapot.  Perhaps their meetings were not unlike the Adult Forum or the coffee hour after the service in our churches today.  I cannot imagine that Peter was particularly silent in his understanding of Scripture and I guess he waxed eloquent often.  The group of believers was growing and the Temple authorities were noticing.  Not only was Peter speaking up about his beliefs, people were being healed and many were bringing their person to be healed.  The paragraph ended, “and all of them were healed.”  I imagine there must have been more than one “praise the Lord” shouted.  It was a lot of noise in a small teapot.

         How about today?  Few of us have the gift of healing.  There are hospitals today.  But as I read this passage I wonder if today we go to church with anticipation of the after-meeting where we can really dig into conversation with others about a spiritual topic.  I suspect for many of us there is little anticipation of a miracle.  So I ask myself, what excites me about my faith and meeting with other Christians? We are all different and for some the walk in the woods refreshes our spirits while others enjoy a rousing debate and still others are content to just listen.  But what helps us go deeper? 

         We are part of the body of Christ and we need each other for many reasons.  When we are down we need the love and affirmation of the community.  When we are sick we need those care meals.  When we are cold we need the quilts the women make.  Sometimes we need a mechanic.  My church had a chili lunch and the proceeds helped buy a new car for our family returning to Kenya.  A prayer group raised money for a goat after a famine that wiped out herds in Kenya.  Healing comes in many forms.

         Think today of a time when people came along side you and encouraged you in some challenge you faced.  Thank God.  Now think if there is someone you could come along side and encourage.  Blessings as you practice and experience body life together.  Regular spiritual exercise and good nutrition is as important to growth of our spirits as food and exercise is to our bodies. 

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