“Weary Traveler”

Acts 9

Today’s song is a new-to-me song that really ministered to me this week.  I was headed to an encounter I dreaded and had all sorts of memories weighing me down.  This song came on the radio.  What I read on the history of the song is that the Canadian author wrote the song as he spends hours on tour while his wife is at home with their four children, the youngest of which has a health challenge.  This week we looked at the conversion of Saul who is to become known as the apostle Paul.  He carried the heavy weight of law being trained as a Pharisee, the heavy weight of anger and hatred for the disinformation he felt the early believers were spreading, and then after his conversion experience, the heavy weight of knowing he had been wrong.  Those three days of blindness, of fasting and prayer, must have involved so much weariness of soul.  I turn on the news and the unending debate about our world, our economy, Jan 6, congress etc etc etc leave me feeling so weary.  This song picks up that weariness and reminds us we are not alone and down days are not forever.  We are not alone. Blessings as you listen.

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