Acts 12:11-19

Luke introduces a moment of comic relief in his narrative.  In the midst of persecution, leaders being killed, believers fleeing under pressure, Luke adds this little story.  He tells of Peter being jailed to please the masses and under the guard of 16 soldiers.  Peter is double chained.  Things look grim.  But an angel comes, hits Peter to wake him.  The chains fall off and he walks to safety.  Suddenly Peter realizes it is not a dream but he is free.  He goes to the home of John Mark where people are gathered to pray for him.  Peter pounds on the door and the maid, Rhoda, comes to the door. Upon hearing Peter’s voice, she is so excited she runs to the prayers to announce that Peter is free but leaves Peter pounding on the door!  Peter stands at the door pounding as Rhoda tries to convince the followers that Peter is at the door.  What a silly story to include in the Bible!

         Have you ever been so surprised that God actually answered your prayers that you end up trying to convince others?  Perhaps we pray so much about an issue, convinced that God could resolve it in a certain way, that when God answers our prayer, outside the box, we are incredulous.  Perhaps the believers expected the trial would prove Peter innocent.  Peters they expected all the witnesses to disagree.  Perhaps they expected the trial to be delayed.  They had gathered and were deep in prayer.  They obviously did not expect Peter to turn up at the kitchen door.  God answers our prayers that we may not even be aware of!

         I love the song, “Open our eyes, Lord, Want to See Jesus”

Open our eyes Lord
We want to see Jesus
To reach out and touch Him
And say that we love Him
Open our ears Lord
And Help us to listen
Open our eyes Lord
We want to see Jesus

Let us spend some time today smiling when we see God acting in ways that just surprise us.  Perhaps we need to pray, “Rhoda, open the door and let the miracle in!”  Enjoy the music!

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