“Spreading the Word”

Acts 12:25 – 13:3

We are half way through the book of Acts, pondering how those early believers became the giants of faith and started a movement that changed the world.  The author Luke shifts his focus from individual encounters with the Holy to what has become known as “Paul’s Missionary Journeys.”  Paul takes three trips across Turkey and Greece and back again plus finally to Rome.  He goes with different partners but on these journeys he plants churches that will be seen in the Epistles that carry their name.

     I first note he was not a lone ranger.  He went with Barnabas, the encourager, and John Mark, his young disciple.  Faith is teamwork and multigenerational.  Also I note that while he was with his support group the Holy Spirit led the group to anoint them for the journey.  In other words, the body of believers affirmed God’s leading.  They were surrounded with prayer, teamwork, and God’s anointing. All are important elements to spiritual growth.

         So who is your prayer partner that listens, prays and gives you honest feedback?  Someone who speaks the truth in love is valuable.  Confirmation from others that you are hearing God correctly is important.  Spend time this morning thanking God for those who journey with you.  Perhaps you need to reflect on whether you are a good, honest and dependable person to travel with!  Blessings on your journey with the Lord.

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