“He’s Everything to Me”

by Ralph Carmichael, 1964

The early Christian models we have looked at this week seem to be going through a series of preaching with some listening and believing while others are angered and riot.  Paul, Silas and Timothy are often well received and jailed.  We don’t hear those stories today unless there are political agendas.  I am intrigued by their experience in Philippi where they are jailed and singing songs at midnight when a great earthquake occurs.  If I, or you, were jailed what song would I be singing at midnight?

         I woke about 3 am this morning and realized I would be singing, “In the stars his handiwork I see…”  “Til by faith I met him face to face…”  According to the internet, Ralph Carmichael is credited with writing that song that was so popular.  He shot to fame as music director for Billy Graham and composed music for singers like Nat King cole, Perry Como and Bing Crosby! And for TV shows like I Love Lucy and Bonanza.  In the 60s he felt he was seen as old fashioned so he composed music with a more contemporary beat to communicate with the youth – me back then!  The words are based on Philippians 3:7-9 (were Paul was jailed and sang!) and are timeless.  Enjoy.

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