Acts 18:12-28

Luke now splatters his narrative with new names of followers as Paul works his way back home.  He is taken to court in Corinth but the Proconsul refuses to hear a case about religious law.  The opponents go after the head of the synagogue and beat him, not Paul.  Paul is able to continue teaching and gradually traveling to Antioch.

         I am not geographically spiff and I barely recognize names like Priscilla and Aquilla plus Apollos but leadership is forming in the new church and a network of churches.  It is not important that I recognize peple and places but we know God remembers them as they are recorded in history. From a spiritual formation point of view, we see that sharing our faith is important.  We are part of a puzzle that God is putting together.

         I love to do one of those Ipad puzzles daily.  Each piece at the beginning is a mystery unless it has a straight edge and can be moved to the frame of the picture.  Perhaps we are like that.  We become so involved in our own stories, we loose perspective on the big picture that is forming.

But God does not.  We are each important and some day we will understand.  Paul has finished his second missionary journey.  He has gone to new places, made new friends, and discipled new leaders.

         Let us take a few minutes to sit back and thank God for the journey he has us on and trust that he knows the big picture of not only our life but the masterpiece he is putting together.  Blessings.

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