Exodus 3

Yesterday we pondered Moses and the burning bush.  Moses is caring for his herds and sees a bush that is on fire but does not seem to burn up.  He turns to check it out and God speaks to him, changing his life.  The Holy is able to shine through ordinary people like us, through ordinary objects like a bush, through ordinary experiences like a dream.  So many songs speak to the transformative power of love.  I love Josh Groban’s song “You Raise Me Up.”  The song might point to the love of a friend that encourages you to reach beyond yourself or to faith that enables you to try tasks greater than you thought yourself capable of.  In 1987 Graham Kendrick wrote this worship son that was voted tenth in a 2005 survey in the United Kingdom.  The bush in the Moses experience is ordinary but when used by God, it shines in a way that changes the world.  We are ordinary but God can use us.  Please enjoy this song today.

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