“I Surrender All”

by Judson W. Van DeVenter, 1896

The hymn I am thinking on for this Saturday was written by an American teacher of art turned musician and evangelist in the late 1800s.  Like many of the people we have been looking at in the Old Testament who stood under trees and pondered their lives or who used pieces of trees like sticks or pegs, Van DeVenter had to make a decision about the direction of his life.  Would he become an artist or would be an evangelist?  I’m sure Ruth had a moment of truth as she decided to follow Naomi.  Barak had a moment of truth when challenged by Deborah to raise an army.  Jael had to decide when Sisera fled to her tent.  Many of us had to decide how respond as hurricane Ian approached Florida this week.  Those decisions had deep implications as it did for Van DeVenter.  May we enjoy this classic hymn and know that when we surrender to God’s will, it may not be obvious what the outcome is but he is there beside us.  Blessings in your decisions to surrender!

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