“St Christopher”

One of the popular saints that I have heard of is St. Christopher.  I have never known his story.  He died mid 200s and there are various stories.  The most complete one by Wikipedia is that he was a Canaanite, 7.5 ft tall and had a fearsome face.  He wanted to “serve the greatest king.”  So he went into the service of his king but saw him cross himself at the mention of the devil.  The devil must be greater!  So he found a robber who claimed he was the devil and served him but the man who called himself the devil avoided a wayside cross because he feared Christ so Christopher found a f hermit that taught him about Christ.  The hermit told Christopher he could serve Christ best by using his gift of size to help people cross a dangerous river that many people died crossing.  Christopher helped many people cross.  One day he carried a child who felt tremendously heavy.  After crossing the child identified himself as Christ carrying the cares of the world.  Later Christopher traveled to Lycia where he refused to worship the local god.  Two women were sent to entice him but he converted them.  Ultimately he was beheaded, a martyr.  St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

         As I read the life story of St. Christopher, his quest to serve the greatest king, catches my eye.  That his quest ended with serving Christ by using his God-given gifts reminds me of the beatitude in Matthew 5:6, “ Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  1 Timothy 6:15 also urges obedience to: “he who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords.”  The question of who we serve and honor with our lives, I suspect, is different than the question of salvation.  How our gifts and talents are employed is indeed a life long journey with God.  We all have gifts.  I pray as you journey today I pray your eyes are open to the presence of God guiding your steps as you seek to serve him.  S is for ……, E is for ….., V is for ……, and E is for ……  Blessings.

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