“24 ‘No one can serve two masters;

for a slave will either hate the one and love the other,

 or be devoted to the one and despise the other.

You cannot serve God and wealth.”

Matthew 6:24

This verse calls me to true confessions.  I am the oldest child and do not have experiences with older siblings ordering me around.  I am not a master gardener.  I pity the plants in my garden.  I would not claim to be the master of any talent.  I cannot see the notes on the paper to master the recorder I have loved since second grade!  Ah, I do have a “masters degree” from University but my kids remind me I went to the senior prom in the last century and times have changed!  Jesus skips all these modern day meanings of master and goes to the core question of what sets the direction of our hearts, God or wealth. 

         Wealth, like masters, takes many forms.  So these verses in some translations of the Bible are connected with the previous paragraph that asks us to ponder where our treasures are kept.  So perhaps the question is what we treasure in our hearts and seek to please by perfecting.  The question, “Whom do I seek to please?” is something I can get my mind around.  As I go through the day, what voices am I answering to in my mind?  Perhaps I am not a “slave” as in olden days but I do answer to those things important to me.  So am I seeking to please God or am I seeking to improve self?

         As we go through today may we be more aware of whom we are seeking to please.  Are the voices in my heart leading me to do well and leading me to God or are they condemning and encouraging my eyes to face the values of culture.  Even as we tune our radio or TV station, may we tune to those voices that come from God today.  Blessings.

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