“Faith at a Distance ”

The stories Matthew begins to tell of Jesus, after teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, now “walking the talk” is truly amazing.  Jesus comes down the mountain and first heals an untouchable.  He reaches out to those of us trapped in our ugliness to bring life.  He enters the hospital units culture avoids!  Next a foreigner approaches him, a Roman Centurion, and asks for healing not for himself but for his servant!  Not only is there a world of difference between Jesus and Roman but also the patient, the Centurion’s servant, is not even present.  The nature of the disease does not seem to be an issue to Jesus!  Nor is Jesus concerned that he cannot see the patient. And certainly is not concerned about ethnicity factors.  What touches Jesus’ heart is the deep understanding of authority by the Centurion.

         The Centurion knows that he has responsibilities and his decisions have repercussions that ripple down his command.  He realizes that same dimension in the character of God.  We want God to do what we want but God sees the ripple affect of authority and decisions he makes.  The Centurion goes one step further.  He realizes the decision that will be made is made for the love of all involved.  Jesus cared about his disciples learning, the crowd watching, the sick servant and the Centurion.  Jesus called it faith.

             13 And to the centurion Jesus said, ‘Go; let it be done for you   according to your faith.’ And the servant was healed in that hour.     (Matthew 8:5-13)”

         Let us just spend a moment thinking about the trickle down affect of our decision to eat breakfast today.  We eat and that gives us energy for activity.  It helped the farmer and storeowner of products.  It allows us to touch other lives.  And so on.  God knows all this, knows our needs, and responds – even when we are sick and can’t see him.  Thank you Lord.

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