“Be Thou My Vision”

Tomorrow is Transfiguration Sunday when Peter, James and John accompany Jesus as he climbs a mountain and for a moment Jesus steps into eternity and talks with Moses and Elijah.  I like to think that those saints came to encourage Jesus as he now chooses to turn to Jerusalem and the cross he knows awaits him.  This week has been a heavy week with the earthquake in the Syrian area and the rising number of people who died.  Our readings talk about a father who came to Jesus because his daughter had died, a woman who desperately tries to touch his hem to cure her bleeding of 12 years, and two blind men who seek vision.  During desperate times we can point fingers and accuse of blame but comfort comes as we turn to our God who turned to Calvary for us.  He understands the parent’s heart, the women’s last-ditch effort and the blindness we all struggle with.  It seems appropriate to listen to this hymn this morning as we bring to God the things we want him to see and heal in his wisdom. We need him to be our vision when our eyes are clouded with tears!  Blessings as you pray.

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