“First and Last, part 2”

Matthew 19: 23-30

         “What then will there be for us?” ask Jesus’ disciples when they are told wealth is not indeed a measure of who is first in the kingdom of heaven, or who is last.  Wealth is not a good indicator of God’s pleasure in us.  For poor fishermen and ordinary people, what is? So if wealth is not the reward for faithfulness, what is, “What’s in it for me?”

         Jesus seems to be saying that our wealth, our talents, and our power bring us acclaim in this world but those are not rewards in eternity.  God handles the impossible, “eternity.”  God sees all that we have left to follow Jesus and we will be rewarded 100 fold. The disciples are baffled and don’t understand any more than we do.  I guess that is why we talk about faith.  Our minds cannot get around eternity and we ask, where am I in this picture of impossibility.

         So the question that comes to mind for today is to ask ourselves if we do what is right because of the immediate reward we will receive or are we willing to look to eternity, the investments that pay off in the long run.  Few of us have lots of money to lock up in a bank for a period of time knowing we will earn interest in our investment, but we do have love that we invest in children who are not appreciative now.  We can store up for rainy days like building relationships that will stand by us in our old age.  We store our treasures in heaven where moths and rust do not eat them up.

         Can you think of a couple long-term spiritual investments that may not have given immediate rewards but which paid off in the long run?  Blessings as you ponder eternal blessings.

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