Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness

By Rusty Edwards, Lutheran pastor

Music by Dave Brubeck


Tomorrow our Gospel text will focus on Jesus healing the man born blind.  Jesus does this miracle on the Sabbath in the Temple and so much discussion surfaces.  The disciples wonder if the man sinned or his parents that he would be born blind.  The Pharisees wonder if an act that appears to be done by God could truly be done on the Sabbath.  The parents who have lived all these years with all the social pressures of having a differently abled child, are questioned by the Pharisees.  They cave under social pressure and admit their son was blind and now sees but ask him the “how” question because he is an adult.  The healed man, the one who was blind and now sees clearly, stands on truthwithout the cloud of debate.  “I once was blind and now I see.”  How do we explain that?  Tune in for tomorrow!

         I found this hymn I do not know but is an option for tomorrow’s service.  It is classical in format but beautiful.  Please enjoy.

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