Matthew 25:14-30

         Matthew now tells us three parables that Jesus shared right before the plot thickens that last week in Jerusalem. In one of them a man goes on a journey and leaves three servants in charge.  Sounds like mom running out to the grocery store and having to leave the kids alone for a bit.  What was to be a quick trip to the store became longer because of a flat tire, an emergency phone call from a relative, and purse forgotten in the car.  It just got complicated, we might say.  The man returns and the two elder children report that they have not only done what was expected but they also self initiated some projects.  One mowed the grass unasked and the other did some of the ironing while watching TV.  The third not only did not help out but also had nothing to show for what were “normally expected” tasks like setting the table for dinner.  In the parable the two servants doubled what the man had entrusted with them and the third hid his talent for fear of the man.  The man rewards the first two servants by saying,

“Well done, good and trustworthy slave;

you have been trustworthy in a few things,

I will put you in charge of many things;

enter into the joy of your master.” (verse 21, 23)

            The parable is thought to refer to God entrusting us with talents and seeming to be on a journey but Jesus indicating he will return some day.  For those who handle their talents well, be they few or many, compliments are given, “well done”, character noted, “trustworthy,” and rewards dispersed.

              During the Lenten journey we have reflected on the many ways we fall short as we handle our talents.  But, to fall short is not to say we did not try.  The third servant did not try and fail, he did not even try and he blamed the man for being mean and unjust.  The problem is not the failure, our sins, but it is our attitude and trust in God.

            So let us think about being trustworthy.  How would you describe someone who is trustworthy – worthy of your trust?  Do we look for the others to do their best or do we demand perfection?  I believe God is delighted when we give it our best shot because we love him.  We are not perfect and one day we will meet him.  Let’s pray we hear, “Well done!”  Blessings.

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