Christmas Shoes

OK, I know it is Easter Season for the church and we are celebrating the reality of the resurrection but the resurrection is the culmination of a story that started with the incarnation of Jesus at Christmas.  Actually the story starts in Genesis with the realization that we all fall short of perfection and God’s promise to rescue us.  John Newton tells his story of how he fell short but God met him with grace and Newton also felt grace had allowed him to fail so he would cry out for help.  The song “Christmas Shoes” that I referred to yesterday is still a modern day example of grace.  A young boy goes to the counter to pay for a pair of shoes to gift his mother who is dying of heart disease, possibly on Christmas Eve.  He soooo wanted her to look nice to meet Jesus that night but he did not have enough money.  The man in line helps him.  Grace!

         This second YouTube is a country western version of “Amazing Grace.”  Please enjoy both as you prepare for worship tomorrow.

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