Sr. Wantabee sitting here in the Denver airport, pretending she is important and pulling out her computer like everyone else. sighhhh She flew out before the midwest tornado could set down and after the S. California earthquake. Ye ole earth is struggling. She finished ESL teaching last night, a testing night. How many will pass and go to the next level of learning English, a transition. When she returns she will have a new teaching schedule, teaching different nights, a transition. By the time she returns her daughter will have finished her driver’s ed class and be ready for behind the wheel experience on the road, a transition.

Transition times bring memories of other similar times, teaching her other children to drive. It is not a time to race through, she explained to her daughter, but a time to enjoy the process of learning and being “not quite.” Soon enough the next phase comes with all it’s responsibilities.

Sigh, loading is begining. Must go and lean into this transition.

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