Guess Who Came to Dinner

Sr. Wantabee is in LA! She flew in yesterday, right before the tornado was predicted for her home area and before the earthquakes here. Oh, that’s down in San Diego, her friends said as they walked after all their work together. After walking together to support one of them who needed to walk a half hour a day for a work place competition, they went home and then reconvened a half hour later with others for dinner with Sr. Wantabee. How special is that! These friends and Sr. Wantabee had gotten married the same year back in the 70’s and had stayed connected through her years in Africa and so catching up on kids and family dynamics was definitely on the chit chat agenda.

Sr. Wantabee commented that where she is now, seldom to people get together for dinner nor do the churches have a strong enough middle aged or aging couples group that merits this kind of friendship and so part of coming to LA was to connect socially and be fed. We chatted about the change in church dynamics and social dynamics in our lifetime. Was it because of our new digital TV’s that we cannot figure how to get register with an antenna? Was it the breakup of the family? Was it women working? Was it evangelical vs mainline mentality? It was a roaming conversation through the decades and the changes in social dynamics.

Tonight she will go to one of the couples homes where they host a movie night on Fridays for whoever wants to drop in. They’re following a Alfred Hitchcock theme right now. What fun! Sr. Wantabee is wondering who will come that she can touch base with. Fill my cup Lord and let it overflow!

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