Solomon waxes eloquent in Proverbs 4 about the value of wisdom. “Wisdom is supreme. v.7” He shares some of the values of wisdom. Wisdom is defined as “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment…” That seems to imply that it takes time and it takes reflection and it takes insightful friends to converse with. I would add that in the reflection process, opening my spiritual ears to God’s Spirit. Solomon goes on to say in v. 23, “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” Wellspring means “original and bountiful source of something.”

The breaking of dawn, for me, is one of the times of the day that I set aside to reflect as the day starts. I remember being in the former famine relief camp and waking to the sound of cattle lowing and people organizing to go for their eternal search for water in the desert and wood for fuel. Later as a teacher in the agricultural area of Kenya, I would wake and sit on my porch praying, a twin wrapped in a shawl on my lap, as the light crept brighter and brighter over Mt. Elgon. My favorite is watching sunrise over the ocean, seeing boats on the horizon, crabs ooching on the sand, coffee and kids warming my heart. Finding a time and place to seek wisdom is important.

We are in the midst of two major societal dynamics right now with restrictions from Covid-19 being lifted but fear remains, with clean up from riots going on in many places with the demands for justice ringing in our ears. Let us take time today to reflect and to seek wisdom. Perhaps the present throws us into our past experiences with illness or injustice or isolation that can give us empathy for what people are struggling with today. We do have knowledge and know that God has brought us thus far. Life is not fair but we can keep improving. We can remember what helped us cope before. Good judgment is perhaps how we evaluate our experiences and knowledge in light of the truths of God’s word. Let us guard our hearts and allow God to bubble up His love and comfort as we grieve for our troubled world. He cares and He is present working out a plan we do not understand even as He did at the cross. Blessings as we journey together for a better world.

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